Thursday, November 10, 2016

oh deer...

20 minutes drive and I'm in Richmond Park - yeah I know I'm a lucky girl. The first morning of my holiday I decided - that's it - I'm going. I wanted to arrive in the park when the sun is just rising to be able to admire wild deers among morning mist and sun rays touching the ground. 

I grabbed hot tea and warm clothes and never regretted getting up at 5:00 am - for those views I can do it as many times as I can. 

Friday, September 30, 2016


When we were leaving for our short Cornish weekend away we were told that it's always sunny in Cornwall. Well... the weather was not great considering the fact that we left behind the hottest weekend of May in London but it was a perfect time. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

oh Scotland I miss you

It was in March... Some people don't go to Scotland even in summer cause 'it will be too cold' to 'it will rain' - I can go ANYTIME cause I fell in love with that place. When we talked to locals they told us we were very luck because for the last two months they could not see any sun - only rain. Maybe it was my birthday present - I turned 25 on the way to the Highlands. 

Most of those pictures were on the blog before but as I was watching some Scottish pictures of a very talented photographer last week I thought why not to look at mine once again and discover some new great views. Anyway I love them so much that I couldn't resist... And now they are of much better quality cause I got my favourite software! Yay!

I am aware that this picture is rubbish but I just like it the way it is - it reminds me of very nice memories.

Scottish crystal clear water.

All the cool pictures of me were taken by that handsome man who is taking me for all those cool trips.